Family Man

Brett and his wife Melanie have been married for eight years and have four beautiful children. While Brett loves following their school and sports activities, he is concerned about the state of public education and vows to fight for better, family-friendly education choices in South Carolina. As a successful engineer, Brett has earned a reputation for his commitment to quality work and innovative solutions to challenging problems.

Christian Leader

Ten years ago Brett surrendered his life to Christ. Since 2012, he has served as a lay minister at Rocky Creek where he helped found the Salt and Light Council, leading his church to a “2016 Changing Your World” award. As a faithful Christian, Brett will work hard to defend religious liberties against the cultural assault on the definition of marriage and traditional family values.

Faithful Conservative

Brett is an active advocate for common sense solutions in our government. He supports preserving South Carolina’s natural beauty while still exploring our state’s natural resources, lowering the cost of adoptions, and fighting for the rights of the unborn. Brett is a sponsor of the South Carolina Citizens for Life organization and recently marched with them to the State House, the only District 22 candidate who marched in support of life. As a representative, Brett will remain a champion for the unborn and fight for the rights of those who have no voice.